Caregiver Information

When you receive a caregiver from Guardian Angel Senior Care, you have complete control over all aspects of your home care.

We leave all final decisions completely up to you and your loved ones. 

Guardian Angel will assign a home care professional that you can try out and then keep or if, for whatever reason, no questions asked, you decide to select another caregiver, that is fine also.

If you would like to meet a number of different caregivers and then pick one, that's wonderful too. We are completely willing to conduct the matching process between you and your future caregiver in any way that you desire, allowing you and your loved ones to always be involved in the final decision.

Our caregivers become more than just strangers in your home; they become your daily companion, support, and friend. To have that progression occur, you must have someone that you are completely comfortable and happy with, and that is our goal.

We are placing someone in your home with whom you will spend a lot of time, so it's important to us that you are completely comfortable with that caregiver.

If you ever ask to receive a new caregiver, we will not question your decision. We will simply act upon it and find a new caregiver for you.

Our Companions, Homemakers, CNAs (Certified Nurses Aids), and HHAs (Home Aids) are licensed, bonded, and insured.

We have completely screened and performed thorough background checks on all of our caregivers.  All have completely clean records and meet Florida State requirements.

Most of our caregivers have been with our company for the long-term.  However,  there are times when we need to hiring new caregivers, who go through the same vigorous screening process before they are allowed into our client's homes.

Our Caregivers are wonderful people who love what they do and are ready to assist you, so that your life can be more comfortable and safe while living in your own home.

Allow one of our caregivers to take a load off of your shoulders and your family members, and Guardian Angel will stay in close contact with you and your family to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Our agency is non-medical, so on some occasions you may also need additional care from other agencies. Of course, we will coordinate with your doctor to arrange for that additional care, so that all of your needs are always covered. 

Our schedule is based entirely upon your schedule. With Guardian Angel Senior Care, you will quickly learn that you are our top priority.

In the choice of caregivers, you are completely in control


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